Q & A

Q & A

Q:    Should I have to build the virtual tour that interests me with the office that built and supports my business website?

Α:    Of course NOT, it is very easy the virtual tour to be integrated on your website, in truth easier than simple photos.
Your webmaster just needs to take a few steps to embed the Virtual tour on a page of your website.

Q:    Is the virtual tour a photo or a video?

Α:    The virtual tour is a presentation based on individual 360° X 180° panorama photographs that are connected to each other by hotspots and so by clicking on these hotspots, visitors can switch from one location to another. Each individual 360° X 180° panorama is a photograph, with a 2:1 aspect ratio.

Here we see a 360° X 180° photograph, it is certainly a little strange representation of reality, but when projected correctly in the form of a sphere with the viewer in the center, all dimensions and perspectives return to the correct dimensions and everything looks normal.
Besides the perspective is very close to the natural capabilities of the human eye without the distortions of an ultra wide angle lens.
Such a photograph is obtained by stitching a number of individual shots, usually 4 or 6 or 8 with the help of a special head (pano head), and a Fisheye lens, so the stitching between them is possible.

Q:    Are there good and bad jobs, and how can I tell a good job from a bad one?

Α:    Definitely there are good and bad implementations of Virtual Tours.
In recent years, several photographers have been trying to do this job with cheap Fun & sports Gopro type cameras, factory equipped with fisheye lenses, offering a 360° x 180° panoramic shot with the push of a button.
Unfortunately, these cameras can not perform as well as a proper higher class  camera, so they give results with noise (ISO noise), bad colors (color shifting), low dynamic range (DR), purple or green fringing (purple fringing) at the edges of subjects due to very cheap lenses, as well as a very ugly shape and outline of the sun, (Sun Star) when it is included in the frame.
Also, in a poor Virtual Tour implementation, we'll see stitching errors, unwanted shadows or images from the camera and tripod, and often the horizon tilts, as well as completely "unedited" content, with imperfections or errors that should be corrected during the post processing stage.
Based on the above criteria you can evaluate and decide, regardless of cost, since a bad job causes more defamation than advertising for your business.

Q:    What is Roundme.com and why do I see this logo?

Α:    Roundme.com, is a specialized hosting platform for Virtual Tours, there we upload the panoramic 360° X 180° shots , and by using the special tools and the specially designed templates that provides, the final "building" of the Virtual Tour takes place.
It is as a free service like so many other On Line platforms today, and with a very small to insignificant one time fee it provides a range of private services, such as showing only your logo, etc. Also the Roundme.com platform provides geographic maps as well as custom floor maps. For more informations you can refer to www.roundme.com and have a better idea by yourself. There are other similar platforms, but this one stands out for its functionality, aesthetics and prices.
I have no relationship and I am a simple user, such as on FB, Instagram, Google, Yahoo and elsewhere

Q:    What other material can be integrated into a Virtual Tour?

Α:    A Virtual Tour definitely is based on 360° x 180° panoramic shots but it is able to include material such as photos, videos, sounds and texts activated
by the corresponding Hot Spots.